Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Clawbber-in' Time!

The awesome Sean Forney takes us one step closer to the completed Warlords of Wor mini-comic with his incredible colors over Tim Seeley's line work.

It always blows me away to see how much life a great color artist can breathe into an inked page, and Sean just crushed it on this one!  

What events brought Clawbber, the Two-Fisted General of Justice and Bog-Nar, the Mutant Muck Menace together in this epic clash of arms?  What secrets will be revealed?  Who will be victorious?  Find out soon when "Warlords of Wor: The Mutant Muck Menace!" debuts right here as a FREE online comic!  

Hungry for a print version?  Yeah, me too!  I'll be bringing print copies of each new mini comic with me to my convention appearances this year.  I will make a few of them available to purchase online as well, but it will be a VERY small number.  

Be sure to stay tuned to Warlords of Wor on Facebook and Twitter for all the news on where I'll be and how you can get your hands on these limited edition comics!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mini-Comics are on the way!

The story of the Warlords of Wor is set to continue later this month with the release of the first mini-comic, "The Mutant Muck Menace!"  As you can probably guess from the title, this first book will focus on Bog-Nar, as well as introduce the next WoW character, Clawbber.  

The comics will be 6 pages long and will be released with every second toy, featuring two characters in each story.  The next chapter will debut in April for C2E2 and will feature Arkannis and Beastor-9.  The third will highlight Valkyrie and Durge, and the final book will introduce the main hero and villain of the Warlords of Wor saga, Maxxor and Dekay!  

"The Mutant Muck Menace" is written by newcomers Eric Scot Lemons and Brandon Michael Barker (that's me!), with art by the awesome Cory Hamscher (Supreme, Avengers Academy, X-Men Forever), and cover by Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash, Colt Noble, MOTU 30th Anniversary mini-comics)!!

That's all I can tell you for now... I'm going to get back to drooling over this insane Tim Seeley cover art... wow!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pixel-Dan's Bog-Nar Review!

Popular toy reviewer Pixel-Dan offers a great video review of Bog-Nar, the Mutant Muck Menace!

Be sure to check out Pixel-Dan's other great toy reviews and subscribe to his YouTube channel so you can keep up on all his awesome videos!

DIY Goodies and Something Unnatural!

Now available in the ManOrMonster? Studios Store... The Unnatural Pack and DIY versions of both Bog-Nar and the aforementioned accessory kit!

The Unnatural Pack is the first booster kit for the Warlords of Wor line and includes 2 Bog-Nar arms and an additional Vine Arm accessory to transform your Bog-Nar into an even more fearsome monstrosity!  The Unnatural Pack comes bagged with a header card and contains Wor Bucks proof-of-purchase points and a sticker.

And for you customizing freaks, I'm making available DIY versions of ALL the Warlords of Wor toys!  These are cast in plain white resin and are ready to be painted, decorated, bedazzled or otherwise customized however you see fit.  DIY Bog-Nar comes with the complete figure and the Vine Arm accessory.  Please note, he does NOT include the Tekno-Shears weapon OR the Build-A-Figure component.  Those are only available with the standard Bog-Nar.  All DIY editions will come packaged in B&W versions of the original releases, complete with Wor Bucks proof-of-purchase points, stickers, or other printed materials.
DIY editions are also half the cost of the standard releases, so they're fun AND economical!

If customizing is your thing, I think you're really gonna dig these blank Warlords of Wor toys.  Just be sure to send me pics of your creations... I'd love to see them!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Coma Shopping Spree, and Warlords of Wor x SKINNER!!

Hey, gang!

Starting this Friday I'll be running a sale over at the ManOrMonster? Studios store that will go straight through the weekend and end at midnight on 11/27.

ALL prints, tote bags and t-shirts will be 25% off the regular price, all weekend long!  The discount will be applied automatically at checkout, no coupon code required.  The sale also extends to any remaining glass or wood pieces currently in stock.

Then on Monday, all hell breaks loose!  Coming to the ManOrMonster? Studios store will be three new Warlords of Wor items!  It's the debut of the Unnatural Pack, inspired by our toy commercial!  The booster kit includes two extra Bog-Nar arms and an additional Vine Arm accessory, all for $20.  I'm also making available the DIY Bog-Nar, a blank version of the toy that you can paint and customize however you like!!  It will retail for $50, with a DIY Unnatural Pack rounding out the new releases, available for $10.

Not cool enough?  Then how about Warlords of Wor x Skinner?!  That's right, also on Monday 11/26, Skinner will be selling two DIY Bog-Nars, dubbed the "Angry Earth Edition," or "Angry Ass Earth Warrior," painted by the man himself, at just $85 a pop.  Check out more details and photos of those bad boys over at Nerd City Online, and be sure to check out all the sick metal thunder over at Skinner's killer new web store, Critical Hit!!

And finally, if you're not already following @warlordsofwor on Twitter, be sure to do so because all weekend long I'll be posting special deals and coupon codes for deep discounts on selected items!
But you gotta tune in on Twitter... it's the only way to snag this special swag!
And did I mention that every order over $20 on Monday gets a FREE tote bag (while supplies last)?!
Just let me know in the Notes to Seller at checkout which one you want and I'll add it to your order!

25% off all prints/totes/tees ALL weekend long...
Three new Warlords of Wor products on Monday...
FREE tote bag with $20 purchase all day Monday...
Flash specials all weekend via Twitter...
and SKINNER's Angry Earth Edition Bog-Nars @ Critical Hit on Monday...

Dig it!!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Hey there, my wonderful Warlords!

I've got some really cool news for you...
There are Bog-Nar t-shirts on the way!

These shirts will feature artwork by Chris Faccone with the Bog-Nar logo by Matthew Allison
and will be printed on lightweight, slightly fitted, red heather cotton tees.

The shirts will have a modestly distressed look for a vintage tee feel.

You can check out more specs by visiting the ManOrMonster? Studios store right here:

These will be printed in the next couple weeks and are expected to ship out to buyers
during the last week of November.

And if you're looking for a great shop for your next apparel screen printing job, please consider
Shirts Our Business out of Chicago.  I've been working with these guys for YEARS and they do
spectacular work!
You can find them here:

And be sure to tell them that Brandon Barker from ManOrMonster? Studios sent you!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bog-Nar in the media!

Hey there, Warlordians!
Bog-Nar has been super busy the last few weeks so I thought I'd share with all of you a little of what he's been up to.  Thanks for taking the time to check out these reviews... and if you like them, please follow these guys, spread the word, and help awesome people do more awesome things!

First up is a cool little photo review from the winner of the Facebook Giveaway Contest!

Doomkick Warlords of Wor Review

Next up is a video review by New Monster!

And finally, here's the INCREDIBLE follow-up video from New Monster, the Bog-Nar toy commercial!!


Monday, September 17, 2012


Starting this Friday, September 21st, I'll be making a limited number of Bog-Nar toys available for pre-order!

Bog-Nar will be limited to just 100 pieces, but only the first 30 will be available in this Friday's pre-order.

The first 30 will begin shipping September 24-October 5... after the first 30 are gone, no more will be made available until late October.

Besides getting the opportunity to be one of the first people to check out the exciting potential of the Warlords of Wor line, one lucky fan will receive a one-of-a-kind Bog-Nar paint variant!  I'm not going to give too much away about this, but let's just say that your friends will be "flocking" to your door to see your outrageously unique Bog-Nar toy!

This first release from Warlords of Wor will go on sale at a random time on Friday, so be sure to Like Warlords of Wor on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter for the announcement... those are the only places you'll be able to hear about the pre-order when it goes live!

I'll post a link to the Store in the announcement, but if you'd like to check it out in the meantime you'll find a bunch of prints and whatnot by YT that are currently for sale.

Bog-Nar will be sold for $100, plus $6 S&H in the US, and tax where applicable.
International orders are welcome and will cost $15 USD for shipping.

Warlords of Wor on Facebook

@WarlordsofWor on Twitter 

*Note:  Tekno-Shears accessory pictured is not final*

Friday, September 14, 2012

Facebook Contest Results, and Twitter Contest Details!

It's Friday, and that means... We have a winner for the Facebook Giveaway Contest!!!

Huge thanks, congratulations, and a free Bog-Nar go out to JESSE CHAGNON!!

And thanks again to everyone who participated, Liked the FB Fan Page, and went out of their way to spread the word about my little knockoff toy line.  You guys rule!

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS go out to my Wor-iors who went above and beyond the call of duty, tirelessly promoting the Warlords of Wor:

Brad Rader
Luke Toywalker
John Whelan
Joshua Page
Courtney Boulton
Jamison Dion
Ben Spencer
Lee Burbridge
Mark Anthony Vasquez
and our winner, Jesse Chagnon

You guys rock extra hard and I cannot thank you enough for the support.  You've been incredible.

So, Friday also means it's #FF over in the Twitterverse!  And you should totally Follow

Yep, Warlords of Wor is officially on Twitter, and to celebrate I'm going to give away ANOTHER Bog-Nar toy!!

Same basic structure as the Facebook contest... just post a link to the website here, Mention @WarlordsofWor, hashtag WarlordsofWor or Bog-Nar if you're nasty, and get kids to Follow the WoW Twitter feed.  Easy peasy.  One entry per day, per account.  If you can get people to mention you as a referral in a Tweet, I'll throw an extra entry your way.  Bonus!

This contest will end next Wednesday night, 19th of September, at midnight EDT.  The winner will be drawn at random from all entries and will be announced on Thursday, 20th of September.

Good luck, and get to Tweeting!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Header Card art... REVEALED!

Dudes... scope this insane header card artwork by the awesomely radtacular Matthew Allison!  Matthew is the creator of the equally insane and awesome comic book CALAMITY OF CHALLENGE, as well as a frequent contributor to art blogs such as Covered, Re-Paneled, Relaunched and The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Reduxe Edition.  I first discovered his work on Covered, where we've both been featured (shameless plug), and I've been crazy about his stuff ever since.  When it came time to get rolling on the header card art for Warlords of Wor, Matthew was my first choice.  And thankfully he agreed to it, since he was sort of my ONLY choice!  When I pictured the header art in my mind I never saw anything other than his work... it's the perfect fit.

So check his stuff out, love it, ogle it, and then throw mounds of cash at him.  He does commissions.  They're awesome.  You need them.  Buy his book, too.  It's totally effing rad.  And he's working on a new one... you're gonna need to buy that, too.

Thanks, Matthew... you nailed these, and I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the line!

Warlords of Wor header card art, Front
Artwork by Matthew Allison

Warlords of Wor header card art, Back
Artwork by Matthew Allison

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Contest time! Win a FREE Bog-Nar action figure before you can buy it!

Hey there, Warlords fans!  I'm going to be rolling out a number of exciting reveals, contests and giveaways over the next several days as I ramp up towards the release of the first Warlords of Wor toy, BOG-NAR, the Mutant Muck Menace...
and the first contest starts NOW!

How would you like the chance to win a BOG-NAR action figure before you can buy it?!  You would?  Awesome!  Here's how it works...

I want you to help me spread the word about Warlords of Wor on Facebook.  Post a link to on your FB page(s) and then just send me a Message or drop a note on the Wall letting me know that you did so, and you'll be entered for a chance to win... it's that easy!

Not good enough for you?  Well, how about this... you can enter once a day, by the same means described above, until the contest's end on Wed, Sept 12.  That's SEVEN chances to win!  STILL not satisfied?  Jeez... tough crowd.  Aright, fine...

For every referral that Likes the Warlords of Wor FB Fan Page, and Tags you in a post on the Warlords of Wor FB Fan Page Wall, you AND your referral will receive an entry into the contest!!  How do you like THEM apples?

So, let's recap:
1)  Post about on your FB page(s)
2)  Be sure to let your Friends know that if they Like the Warlords of Wor FB Fan Page, to Tag you in  
     a post on the Wall so you can both be entered in the contest
3)  Send me a Message or post on the Wall that you've done it, as much as once a day through
     September 12, and receive one entry per day

Pretty simple, right?  What, you want me to script something that you can just copy and paste?  Sorry, it's not going to be THAT simple!  Get creative, have fun, and tell everybody how excited you are about Warlords of Wor, coming soon from ManOrMonster? Studios!

Results of the contest will be announced next Friday, September 14th.  Good luck, and thanks for your interest in Warlords of Wor!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's all about the playability!

From the very start I wanted Warlords of Wor to be a toy that had interchangeable parts.  I always loved taking apart my MOTU and G.I. Joe toys, mixing and matching their pieces, and creating my own characters.  That's the kind of playability I'm trying to bring with this line, and it plays a very important part in the overall story of the Warlords of Wor as well.  The fact that the parts are interchangeable isn't a happy coincidence; it's truly central to the toy, the characters and their adventures!
Below you can see all 11 parts for the standard Warlords of Wor male body, graciously demonstrated by Bog-Nar.  Bog-Nar himself will come with a Vine Arm, which is an additional hand accessory.  Future release will feature similar accessories, as well as the possibility for things like armor, integrated weaponry, or even wings.

Figuring out exactly how to bring that playability to the Warlords of Wor line was my first hurdle.  Magnets weren't my first choice, but thanks to the generous guidance of the incredible Marty "Godbeast" Hansen, magnets became the obvious choice for what I was trying to accomplish.  Every joint features a super-strong neodymium magnet of varying sizes and strengths to meet the needs of the the specific joint.  Larger pieces have larger magnets, while smaller, more lightweight parts house smaller, less powerful magnets.  All ten joints are fully rotational for exceptional posing possibilities. 

I wanted to add a little something extra to open up a few more possibilities for the line, so I added magnets to the back of the male buck which will be able to support additional arms, accessories, weapons, or the aforementioned wings.

Here is another shot of the three bodies I've finished thus far, showing off a little bit of their range of motion and pose-ability.  This is something you won't find in other 5.5" retro-styled toys!

And here's a pile of parts!  With just three toys you'll have 33 basic pieces, plus whatever additional accessories come with those toys.  With all seven Warlords of Wor from Wave 1 you'll get 77 basic parts, 11 Build-A-figure parts, and a whole mess of accessories!  And that's not including the variants I have planned for the year!  There is going to be a ton of possibility for customization and creating your own unique Warlords of Wor character.

Here you see the three toys mixed and matched, giving a small sense of the customization that will be possible within this line.  I'm really hoping that fans of other magnet-based toys will be able to further experiment with the Warlords of Wor figures and come up with even more bizarre and interesting creations!


You can have all kinds of fun creating weird combinations of parts, since every one is magnetic!  You'll find that some parts don't fit in some places, because of the nature of magnetic polarity.
See, folks... it's not just a toy... it's science!  ;)

Your own imagination is the limit when it comes to what you can create with your Warlords of Wor toys!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First look... Bog-Nar!

Here it is... your first look at the premiere Warlords of Wor toy... the Mutant Muck Menace, BOG-NAR!!

Here you see the evolution of the prototype, from the first buck body pull, to the revised buck, and finally, the Bog-Nar color test.

Now that I've got a better product to show you all, I can offer a better shot of the wonkiness that was the first Warlords of Wor buck prototype... this thing was a hot mess!  But it taught me a lot and I moved on quickly.

Here's the second version of the buck... still not perfect, but I fixed all the important problems.  This version has reworked hips so he stands better, all the joints are more flush and feature varying sizes/strengths of magnets for improved poseability, the head was remolded, and back magnets were added to the torso.

And here's the first Bog-Nar color test!  There's a little bit of reworking that needs to be done, but I'm pretty stoked about how he's turned out so far!

 Another evolutionary shot.

I'm still working on Bog-Nar's accessories, so in the meantime he's borrowing a sword from TMNT's Space Raphael.

Here he is showing off one of the possibilities of the back magnets, an extra set of arms!  Also?  Spy Monkey Creations' armory set RULES.  

More ManOrMonster? Studios x Spy Monkey Creations.

Bog-Nar... the Mutant Muck Menace!!

Close-up shot... got a little bit of cleanup to do, but everything's in place.  
Warlords of Wor are on their way!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bog-Nar, the Mutant Muck Menace!

Here he is, your first good look at September's premiere Warlords of Wor release, the Mutant Muck Menace, BOG-NAR!  I was able to take some time at work today to crank out a cool image for you all that shows off some concept work for Bog-Nar's accessories, his Tekno-Shears and Vine Arm!  So what do you think... can you dig it?!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Warlords of Wor welcome you!

Welcome to the Warlords of Wor blog page!  I'm your host, the creator of Warlords of Wor, Brandon Michael Barker, aka ManOrMonster.  I've created this page to chronicle my journey into the world of designer toy making, and to share my process, my trials, my successes and hopefully, by the end, a little bit of wisdom with like-minded fans.  I've been working towards this moment in one way or another since I got my first He-Man action figure, and Warlords of Wor is really a love letter to the pop culture of my generation, and to the toys and the stories that have inspired me for the last 30 years.  I hope to create a unique collectible with a fresh take on a familiar friend that instantly grabs at your nostalgic inner 7 year-old and makes you want to tear it out of the package and start playing with it.  I hope to craft a story with these characters that is fun, engaging, surprising, and that keeps you coming back for more.  And I hope to maybe inspire a few people to pick up their weapon of choice and start writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, CREATING something new and beautiful of their own.  This is a very exciting first step for me, building my own universe for the first time and making it come to life.  I hope you'll stick around for the ride and share in that excitement as I work to bring you the Warlords of Wor!
Warlords of Wor prototype, v1.0