Friday, July 27, 2012

The Warlords of Wor welcome you!

Welcome to the Warlords of Wor blog page!  I'm your host, the creator of Warlords of Wor, Brandon Michael Barker, aka ManOrMonster.  I've created this page to chronicle my journey into the world of designer toy making, and to share my process, my trials, my successes and hopefully, by the end, a little bit of wisdom with like-minded fans.  I've been working towards this moment in one way or another since I got my first He-Man action figure, and Warlords of Wor is really a love letter to the pop culture of my generation, and to the toys and the stories that have inspired me for the last 30 years.  I hope to create a unique collectible with a fresh take on a familiar friend that instantly grabs at your nostalgic inner 7 year-old and makes you want to tear it out of the package and start playing with it.  I hope to craft a story with these characters that is fun, engaging, surprising, and that keeps you coming back for more.  And I hope to maybe inspire a few people to pick up their weapon of choice and start writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, CREATING something new and beautiful of their own.  This is a very exciting first step for me, building my own universe for the first time and making it come to life.  I hope you'll stick around for the ride and share in that excitement as I work to bring you the Warlords of Wor!
Warlords of Wor prototype, v1.0