Thursday, September 6, 2012

Contest time! Win a FREE Bog-Nar action figure before you can buy it!

Hey there, Warlords fans!  I'm going to be rolling out a number of exciting reveals, contests and giveaways over the next several days as I ramp up towards the release of the first Warlords of Wor toy, BOG-NAR, the Mutant Muck Menace...
and the first contest starts NOW!

How would you like the chance to win a BOG-NAR action figure before you can buy it?!  You would?  Awesome!  Here's how it works...

I want you to help me spread the word about Warlords of Wor on Facebook.  Post a link to on your FB page(s) and then just send me a Message or drop a note on the Wall letting me know that you did so, and you'll be entered for a chance to win... it's that easy!

Not good enough for you?  Well, how about this... you can enter once a day, by the same means described above, until the contest's end on Wed, Sept 12.  That's SEVEN chances to win!  STILL not satisfied?  Jeez... tough crowd.  Aright, fine...

For every referral that Likes the Warlords of Wor FB Fan Page, and Tags you in a post on the Warlords of Wor FB Fan Page Wall, you AND your referral will receive an entry into the contest!!  How do you like THEM apples?

So, let's recap:
1)  Post about on your FB page(s)
2)  Be sure to let your Friends know that if they Like the Warlords of Wor FB Fan Page, to Tag you in  
     a post on the Wall so you can both be entered in the contest
3)  Send me a Message or post on the Wall that you've done it, as much as once a day through
     September 12, and receive one entry per day

Pretty simple, right?  What, you want me to script something that you can just copy and paste?  Sorry, it's not going to be THAT simple!  Get creative, have fun, and tell everybody how excited you are about Warlords of Wor, coming soon from ManOrMonster? Studios!

Results of the contest will be announced next Friday, September 14th.  Good luck, and thanks for your interest in Warlords of Wor!!

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