Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First look... Bog-Nar!

Here it is... your first look at the premiere Warlords of Wor toy... the Mutant Muck Menace, BOG-NAR!!

Here you see the evolution of the prototype, from the first buck body pull, to the revised buck, and finally, the Bog-Nar color test.

Now that I've got a better product to show you all, I can offer a better shot of the wonkiness that was the first Warlords of Wor buck prototype... this thing was a hot mess!  But it taught me a lot and I moved on quickly.

Here's the second version of the buck... still not perfect, but I fixed all the important problems.  This version has reworked hips so he stands better, all the joints are more flush and feature varying sizes/strengths of magnets for improved poseability, the head was remolded, and back magnets were added to the torso.

And here's the first Bog-Nar color test!  There's a little bit of reworking that needs to be done, but I'm pretty stoked about how he's turned out so far!

 Another evolutionary shot.

I'm still working on Bog-Nar's accessories, so in the meantime he's borrowing a sword from TMNT's Space Raphael.

Here he is showing off one of the possibilities of the back magnets, an extra set of arms!  Also?  Spy Monkey Creations' armory set RULES.  

More ManOrMonster? Studios x Spy Monkey Creations.

Bog-Nar... the Mutant Muck Menace!!

Close-up shot... got a little bit of cleanup to do, but everything's in place.  
Warlords of Wor are on their way!

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