Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's all about the playability!

From the very start I wanted Warlords of Wor to be a toy that had interchangeable parts.  I always loved taking apart my MOTU and G.I. Joe toys, mixing and matching their pieces, and creating my own characters.  That's the kind of playability I'm trying to bring with this line, and it plays a very important part in the overall story of the Warlords of Wor as well.  The fact that the parts are interchangeable isn't a happy coincidence; it's truly central to the toy, the characters and their adventures!
Below you can see all 11 parts for the standard Warlords of Wor male body, graciously demonstrated by Bog-Nar.  Bog-Nar himself will come with a Vine Arm, which is an additional hand accessory.  Future release will feature similar accessories, as well as the possibility for things like armor, integrated weaponry, or even wings.

Figuring out exactly how to bring that playability to the Warlords of Wor line was my first hurdle.  Magnets weren't my first choice, but thanks to the generous guidance of the incredible Marty "Godbeast" Hansen, magnets became the obvious choice for what I was trying to accomplish.  Every joint features a super-strong neodymium magnet of varying sizes and strengths to meet the needs of the the specific joint.  Larger pieces have larger magnets, while smaller, more lightweight parts house smaller, less powerful magnets.  All ten joints are fully rotational for exceptional posing possibilities. 

I wanted to add a little something extra to open up a few more possibilities for the line, so I added magnets to the back of the male buck which will be able to support additional arms, accessories, weapons, or the aforementioned wings.

Here is another shot of the three bodies I've finished thus far, showing off a little bit of their range of motion and pose-ability.  This is something you won't find in other 5.5" retro-styled toys!

And here's a pile of parts!  With just three toys you'll have 33 basic pieces, plus whatever additional accessories come with those toys.  With all seven Warlords of Wor from Wave 1 you'll get 77 basic parts, 11 Build-A-figure parts, and a whole mess of accessories!  And that's not including the variants I have planned for the year!  There is going to be a ton of possibility for customization and creating your own unique Warlords of Wor character.

Here you see the three toys mixed and matched, giving a small sense of the customization that will be possible within this line.  I'm really hoping that fans of other magnet-based toys will be able to further experiment with the Warlords of Wor figures and come up with even more bizarre and interesting creations!


You can have all kinds of fun creating weird combinations of parts, since every one is magnetic!  You'll find that some parts don't fit in some places, because of the nature of magnetic polarity.
See, folks... it's not just a toy... it's science!  ;)

Your own imagination is the limit when it comes to what you can create with your Warlords of Wor toys!


  1. I was wondering about the strongness of the magnets, but judging by the last photo.. It will not me a problem at all :)

    1. Making sure the joints were strong and could firmly hold a pose was a priority in the design of Warlords of Wor from day one. I've tried to assemble something that feels, moves and plays like a vintage toy, and so far I think it's been very successful. Nearly everyone I show the prototypes to have no idea it's a magnetic toy until I tell them... at which point they usually scream with delight after popping an arm or a head off. ;)
      That being said, this last arrangement surprised even me! I was very happy that the toy could support all that extra weight and still stand, as the hip joints were the hardest to perfect. I'm pretty pleased with the magnet system, and I hope everyone else will be as well!

  2. Hell ya brutha! VERY NICE!!! Those Neo Magnets ROCK the house don't they? If u double them up in joints...they are EXTREMELY POWERFUL!!! So 2x2...then watch the strength! Warlords of Wor Wave 1 are lookin' mighty fine brutha!

    btw, thanx 4 the mention! Means a lot 2 me!


    1. No problem, man! Thank YOU for your help and for spreading the word! Those neo mags really did the trick, and people are digging the idea. Ben will have a Bog-Nar at NYCC... can't wait to hear what you guys have to say after a little hands-on action!