Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HeroesCon Leftovers Sale!

Hello again, Faithful Wor-Heads!

I'm back from HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina and I've brought all my leftovers with me!
So this Friday I'm going to be releasing a bunch of stock for purchase in the ManOrMonster? Studios store... you won't want to miss it!
Some of it will be brand new, with others it'll be your VERY LAST CHANCE to grab them, and there will be a few Pre-Order items as well.
Also popping up in LIMITED supply will be the Warlords of Wor 2013 Convention Special comic book, and a bunch of 11"x17" art prints!  Grab 'em fast before they're all gone!!

So here's what I'll have for sale:

Toxic Inferno Bog-Nar 
2013 HeroesCon Exclusive
Only 4 left!!  

Warlords of Wor: Clawbber 
Only 3 in stock!  
Pre-Order Available, Limit 5 

MOTUMUs: Death Lord
Only 3 in stock!  
Pre-Order Available, Limit 5

Ray-Gun: Commie Cannibal

Ray-Gun: Ctrl/Alt/Del

Ray-Gun: Fay-Kun

Ray-Gun: Bedtime for Buster

Ray-Gun: Arm Me, Man! 

BigManToys x ManOrMonster? Studios
MECHGARR C2E2 2013 Exclusive
Last One!!

MOTUMUs: Troopor
Only 4 left!!

MOTUMUs: Dest-Ro
Last 2!!

MOTUMUs: Doomdok
Just 2 left!!

MOTUMUs: Vador
Last one in stock!!

All art prints are 11x17 inches,
$5 each!

Bog-Nar and Clawbber by Tim Seeley and Sean Forney

Clawbber and Valkyrie by Tim Seeley and Lisa Moore

Bog-Nar by Cory Hamscher and Sean Forney

Clawbber by Dave Crosland 

Arkannis and Beastor-9 by Ramon Villalobos 

Anatomy of Bog-Nar by Steve Seeley 

Valkyrie by Jenny Frison 

Bog-Nar by Chris Faccone 

Clawbber and Valkyrie by Brian Level 

Last but not least, I'll have a limited number of comics available for
$5 each, featuring the first two mini comics, The Mutant Muck Menace and 
Ghosts of Tohoco, printed for the first and only time in a full-size floppy flipbook!
You get both stories, plus a bunch of great pinup art, all in one great full-size comic!

So be sure to keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for on-sale announcements.  All products will become available sometime Friday evening, June 14.
See you then!!

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