Warlords of Wor is a line of 5 1/2 inch action figures that are designed and produced by Brandon Michael Barker, aka ManOrMonster of ManOrMonster? Studios.  Each figure is crafted by hand and will be limited to a very small, finite edition.  There are 7 regular characters planned for the first wave, which will introduce one new toy every 1-2 months beginning in September 2012.  Each Warlords of Wor action figure will come packaged in a clear poly bag with a header card.  The cards will feature a bio for the character and a proof-of-purchase redeemable for exclusive Warlords of Wor merchandise.  Each toy features 10 points of articulation, with 11+ fully interchangeable magnetic components.  You'll be able to mix and match pieces across the line to give a new look to your favorite characters, or even create a brand new character of your own!  And if you collect all 7 of the standard figures in Wave 1 you'll be able to mail away for the wave's 8th and final character and main villain for the series, Dekay!

Wave 1:

Bog-Nar, the Mutant Muck Menace
Clawbber, Two-Fisted General of Justice
Arkannis, Mysterious Mystic Upstart
Beastor-9, Twisted Abomination of Science
Valkyrie, Fierce Winged Warrior
Dirge, Prince of the Undead
Maxxor, Lord of Wor

Wave 1 Mail-away exclusive:

Dekay, Vile Tyrant of Ruin


  1. This has so much potential for awesomeness that it almost physically hurts.

  2. WOW! Just saw the review of Bog-Nar on Pixel Dan's youtube channel. FANTASTIC JOB! Can't wait to see what the rest of the line holds. Best of luck! and...where can I get a figure?

    -Eric Braun
    Ypsilanti, MI

    1. Thanks, Eric! There's a link to the ManOrMonster? Studios Store that you can find under the "Store" tab in the navigation bar.